🗄️ About this Database


This website was made to record all video games in which animals are important to the plot or gameplay. I'm hoping people who are interested in games feauturing animals will be able to discover new games or get some quick facts on their favorites. This database will not include games where the animal is simply the mascot whose species has no importance in the gameplay. In other words, this database will only accept "animal simulator" games. Because there are sometimes a lot of games in a series, I will combine all the games in the series into one entry.


I just like animals and video games! And, I hope that you do too since you're here. I think games with realistic mechanics make for an interesting escape that allows us to learn more about animals and how cool they are. I wanted to make this information more easy to share with others because it can be frustrating and time-consuming using Google to look for games that fit specific criteria that I have in mind. A lot of times really interesting obscure and niche games go unnoticed because they don't rank well on that popular search engine.


The "forum" page on this website lets you comment on this website. I would appreciate being alerted on there of any bugs you find and any game suggestions you have. To make a suggestion, tell me the title of the game, your name, and your Twitter or website URL to credit you as a suggester on the game entry!

How it Works

I made this website by hand from scratch and use Github Pages to host it. You can check out the source code here. This website is a static website generated using the Jekyll static site generator.

If you found this website useful and enjoy my work, feel free to share it with others. Also please consider following me on Twitter for progress updates on all my projects. These projects take a lot of time and effort to build and maintain, and I want the world to see them, so I am eternally grateful for your support.